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How to Reconcile Experience and Innovation?

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About DVP Plum

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50 years of combined experience

The Cabinet was born in France following an observation:

"We are all great to think about new ideas"

Generating a creative spirit that is constantly reinventing itself in view of customers' challenges 

"Dévoloppez votre pontentiel"


Develop your potential


Whatever your situation, your location, your business sector, we surely have a good reason to collaborate

Business Development

DVP Plum main participation

Our teams have imagined, designed, modified and improved solutions in several business sectors

Training & Coaching

A training and evaluation committee designing programs and all materials accordingly to the specific needs of the client, calling and approving experts in each business sector

How it works


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Making an appointment with DVP Plum is easy and productive.

Meet Plum Team

An interchange of ideas, initiatives and activities to improve business.

Choose a Plan

Start the road to developing your idea to its real potential. Together we will structure success. All solutions in one place.

Experienced. Responsive. Thoughtful 

Together we will design a Plumbox that will validate the viability and development of your project. All this based on the experience and knowledge of a selected network of consultants and partners, focused on the needs, the objectives to be achieved and to obtain simple, practical and complete solutions in one place. Strategies integrated into a ready-to-use business toolbox.


The essentials for making sure of business purpose




For the techniques and strategies to set and achieve practical goals




Long-term value from customers, markets, and commercial relationships




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“Understanding the importance of balanced - 1st investments and a meaningful business approach, made a difference in launching at the right time ”

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Solutions for anyone, anywhere.

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